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An educational program that aims to educate children about all things gardening. This is in order to empower them to cultivate their own food for sustainable living, and establish an appreciation for nature and food security.

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Our belief here at Rootbox is that gardening is for everyone. While we focus on children, our method is suitable for our senior citizens alike.

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Our office farming solutions are fully custom made to your requirements. Be it a large outdoor area with enough space to set up an edible garden or if you are in the top floor of one of the highest buildings in Sandton.

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We aim to reach out to NGOs and communities to educate them about sustainable living.

Meet Our Team

Theo Argyropoulos

Managing Director/ Founder

  • +27 76 708 9473
  • theo@rootbox.co.za

Chesway Theway

Business Development

  • +27810059238
  • chez@rootbox.co.za

What Peolpe Are Saying

“I have two nieces and one nephew who are 7, 11 and 13 years old that stay with me. I decided to get them a Rootbox to try and encourage them to stop watching TV. Gardening has created a sense of bonding because despite their different ages, they now have now found something in common. I can see the difference it has made in their relationship towards each other.”

Christina Tiger /

“My 12 year old son would constantly resist eating his greens. Now that he has starting growing his own veggies in his Rootbox, He has been insisting that we cook with the tomatoes and carrots that he grew.”

Giselle Arends /

“My 3 year old daughter started gardening when we bought the Rootbox for her. She has sowed her own seeds and is excited every day to see how much they have grown. She does get quiet ambitious when it comes to the watering .”

Gabby Zoidle /