Childrens Educational Gardening


This educational program that aims to educate children about all things gardening. This is in order to empower them to cultivate their own food for sustainable living, and establish an appreciation for nature and food security.

Why do we focus on children?

Although NDD (Nature Deficit Disorder) is not a recognised medical condition, this term has really raised some concerns. With our modern, technology driven lifestyle, we are becoming increasingly out of touch with nature and the natural processes of life. This is having a negative impact on our mental health. It is never too early to learn about the sustainable living, and our children being the future keepers of the our planet are the best place to start.

Rootbox offers a free workshop which runs over a 8-week period, where we have facilitators that come in every second week to educate the children about the plants life cycle. We run each class directly from the school. This is a fully interactive workshop where each learner will receive their own seedling tray, germination mix and seeds. They alone are responsible for planting, cultivating and caring for their own Rootbox.

Under supervision, the children will carry out the following tasks: 

  • Prep the soil
  • Sow their own seeds
  • Water daily

Each child will receive:

  • 1 x seedling tray with germination mix
  • Variety of 3 seeds fruit and/or vegetables
  • 1 x water mister per class to be shared among students 

How does Our program benefit our children?

  • Engages all the senses
  • Encourages healthy eating
  • Fosters family bonding
  • Teaches responsibility
  • Highlights the importance of taking care of our environment
  • Teaches patience
  • Builds confidence
  • Helps build perseverance
  • Fosters a sense of achievement
  • Introduces the learners to scientific concepts

What happens after the workshop?

At the end of our workshop, the seedlings will be well on their way to producing fresh organic food. We allow each parent the option of purchasing the Rootbox that their child has invested time and energy into. We encourage the continuation of this new journey your child has embarked on, at home allowing the parents to get involved. We plant the seed, and it’s up to you, the parent, the cultivate the love of gardening in your child.

What happens after the harvest?

Now that you have harvested all your fruits and veggies, and you decide to continue to provide your family with a self-sustaining and organic lifestyle, but you don’t know where to begin, worry not! We have an online store that has a variety of seeds specially selected for children. Our search criteria was based on fruit/veg that have high nutritional value, are easy to grow and interesting enough to captivate any child.

What the professionals say

Candice van der Merwe, a counselling Psychologist (BA Psych (UJ), BA Hons Psych (UJ), MA Counselling Psych (UJ)),  who works with children -works across a broad range of psychological issues such as anxiety, depression, grief, bereavement, trauma, stress, behavioral difficulties, anger management, sexual abuse, developmental difficulties and self-development.

Here is what she had to say: “I think that Rootbox is a wonderful initiative. This, in my view, will assist children to move away from the screen and engage in an activity which is either social and/or outdoors. It is important for children to engage in activities such as the one offered by Rootbox as it can assist children to increase empathy, improve social skills, reduce anger and decrease depressive symptoms, amongst various other benefits. I would recommend this initiative to parents.”

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