Gardening For The Elderly


There has been extensive research done with the intake of fruit and vegetables and evidence is clear about the benefits for children and adults. Various fruit and vegetables can help prevent chronic illness and disease specific mortality.

But what about the elderly? Is it too late to start living a healthy lifestyle?

With older adults being the fastest growing segment of the world population, We believe that this certainly needs more attention. Research suggests that the intake of cruciferous (green and leafy) vegetables among older adults can decrease the risk of mortality specific diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Our belief here at Rootbox is that gardening is for everyone. We don’t only focus on children. Our method is suitable for our senior citizens as well. Not only will they benefit from a healthier diet, they will also have an activity where they can engage with other people in the sunshine while breathing in the fresh air.

We provide each person who joins our program their very own Rootbox, soil and Non-GMO seeds. Our team of young and dynamic educators will come in once a week over a 4 week period and teach them how to grow their own fruit and vegetables. From prepping the soil, sowing the seed and general care for their new little vegetable patch. We engage our “students” as much as possible but offer all the assistance needed for those that might find it difficult.

Our design is compact yet efficient. It is large enough to grow vegetables like potatoes and carrots, but small enough to fit on the smallest of patios or balconies.

Some of the benefit of our workshop include the below:

  • It gives the elderly a sense of responsibility.
  • Helps give them a sense of purpose.
  • A healthy activity for them to pass time and encourages them to socialize with their new fellow gardeners.
  • Helps promote relaxation and reduces stress.
  • Helps stimulate the brain and brings them closer to nature.

Some health challenges that need to be considered and how our method overcomes them.

  • Weak bones – a fall for an elderly person with brittle bones can be severe and a full recovery is not always possible. Our method does not require too much physical labour. The most that is required is simply placing a seed in their planter box. Even if this is a challenge, our team will assist where needed.
  • Fragile skin – with our skin thinning the older we get, we are more susceptible to bruising and cuts. Our package includes a pair of gardening gloves that offer adequate protection.
  • Mental deterioration – As we age, our brain ages with our bodies. While we become more forgetful, engaging in an activity as stimulating as gardening can assist with prolonging deterioration.

Poor eye sight – While eye sight can make it difficult to garden or do any everyday activity, we still believe that this is no excuse not to get into the garden. We encourage using other senses like touching the plants and soil, or smelling your beautiful plants or soil just after it has been watered. Gardening stimulates all senses