Office Farming


So you are sitting in the office and it is nearing lunch time. You did not have time to pack lunch from home and you don’t have the time to leave your desk to go to the closest supermarket to buy a quick bite. Your stomach is rumbling and you know won’t make the day without a meal. So you consider ordering an overpriced sandwich which can be conveniently delivered right to your reception. But then you realize, you ordered twice last week and its starting to push the budget. Or you trying to lose weight and get your summer body back for December. Is it worth the guilt trip?

Does this sound all too familiar? Unfortunately this is a more common occurrence then one would think.

Employees that do not have a balanced diet with enough nutrients can have a negative impact on any business. Apart from sleep, nutrition is the most important thing we need to gain and keep focus. But let’s take a look at it relatively speaking:

  • Energy levels – Our bodies turn food into energy. Our appetite is our body’s version of the petrol light in our car. When we start getting hungry, it’s our body telling us it’s time to fill the tank before we lose steam completely and crash. Hunger can decrease productivity levels.
  • Focus - Being hungry at work can affect concentration levels which can lead to avoidable errors. “Why did that person make such a silly mistake?” we sometimes ask ourselves. Perhaps they were so hungry that all they could think about was how they will ravish their next meal instead of processing a sales order or assisting with a customer request.
  • Mood – The term “Hangry” has been widely used recently. A combination of the words Hungry and Angry, which means being so hungry that you are angry. Now no one wants to deal with a person that is hangry in an already stressful environment. Not only is it unnecessary and unpleasant, but it can also affect productivity.
  • Unnecessary time wasted – We all need a break from work. A good 15 minutes of fresh air can do wonders for us and helps us feel rejuvenated for the rest of the day. But not having food readily available for staff can force them to leave the office and go to the nearest supermarket or take away. Which if added up, can lead to countless hours that have been lost.

Now that the impact has been brought to your attention, you are asking yourself how will it be possible to ensure your staff is not caught out on days that they were not able to bring lunch. Or are finding themselves left hungry at work and just don’t have the time or money or waistline to order delivered food?

Our office farming solutions can help you with this. Should your staff one day be caught in this predicament of not having a meal at work, they could simply snip fresh fruit and vegetables off your newly installed salad wall you placed near the canteen or kitchen. All they do is cut a ready to harvest cucumber, a few Tommy Toe tomatoes, a few peppers, some rocket and a few leaves of baby lettuce. Rinse them in water and make a quick and easy salad.

Our office farming solutions are fully custom made to your requirements. Be it a large outdoor area with enough space to set up an edible garden or if you are in the top floor of one of the highest buildings in Sandton.

What about maintenance?

We understand that your employees are all too busy to water the plants daily. That is why our systems come with a self watering drip system, keeping maintenance to a minimum. Of course there is more to farming then just watering. Plants need to be pruned at times, pest control (our methods are effective, eco-friendly and sustainable), and of course correct harvesting methods to name a few. Not everyone knows how or when to harvest. Not only will our team ensure the system is running correctly at all times and ensure pruning is done, we will also educate your staff members how to harvest correctly.

What about lighting?

Of course plants need light in order to grow. Should your work environment not have adequate lighting, worry not. We have energy efficient lighting solutions that provide all the lighting your plants need to grow healthy crops.

Is gardening not messy?

Sure it is if you are outdoors in the middle of an agricultural holding. We understand your working environment and our system is neat and mess free.

Please feel free to contact us to arrange a free assessment.